Tiny Turtles

Tiny Turtles is an Infant and Toddler classroom with children ranging from 6 weeks to three years old. We strive to create a natural and warm environment for the children in our care. We bring nature and realistic objects from everyday life into the room and use them to enhance our experiences. We enjoy incorporating our families and community into our curriculum as well. We take advantage of learning from the varying cultures our families come from and exploring the Penn State campus and clubs. Our children enjoy arts and crafts, dramatic play, stories, songs, dancing, sensory exploration, playing outside and learning how to be friends! We live, laugh and learn daily!

Staff Listing

Belkis Alberici-Bainbridge
Belkis graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Health and Human Development with a focus on Family Studies. Her experiences... Read Full Bio
Ronda Sivak
Ronda is the Infant and Toddler Teacher in the Tiny Turtles Classroom. She has a degree in Child Development and has worked in a variety of child... Read Full Bio
Skyla King
Skyla graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Human Development Family Studies, focusing most of her studies on the development... Read Full Bio