Universe of Wonder

The Universe is full of “Wonder” and so is each individual child and teacher. We are always asking questions and never stop learning about the world around us. Through active involvement with their environment children attempt to make sense of the world. They learn by observing what happens when they interact with materials and other people. As children develop a sense of trust and belonging, they feel safe and are encouraged to explore. They can then become actively engaged with both the environment and the curriculum, so that they are able to do observations, make choices, explore and discover!

Our curriculum emerges from the children as their interest in the world changes. As the teachers observe the children’s play we take note on what topics and play schemes they are implementing. We then build on those interests by expanding them into our learning centers and daily activities. Parent involvement is crucial to our program as we look at parents as their child’s first and most important teacher. We share information daily and seek their support in all dimensions of our classroom.

Rhea Hallacher
Supervising Lead Teacher

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Diana Rebarchak
Pre-K Counts Educator

Diana is a graduate of Penn State where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Kindergarten Education with certifications in Early… Read Full Bio


Glenn Liddy has lived in the State College area for over thirty-seven years. After working as a professional artist for sixteen years, he… Read Full Bio