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The Bennett Family Center and the Child Care Center at Hort Woods charges fees on a sliding fee scale based on household income. In addition, we serve student parents who receive UPAC or CCAMPIS grant funds for child care as well as low-income families eligible for child care assistance through the Department Human Services and Child Care Information Services of Centre County. Fees are reviewed annually with increases taking place effective July 1. Fee increases require approval of the, and University Corporate Controller’s Office. We make every effort to contain costs while maintaining the highest standards of quality. We are aided in this effort by the considerable support (both indirect and direct) provided to the programs by, which include staff benefits, the facilities we use, custodial services, and routine maintenance.

Age-Related Fee Changes

Separate fees are charged for infant/toddlers, preschoolers (37 months to school entry) and kindergarten. If your child’s birthday falls on or before the 15th of the month in which there is a fee change, you will be charged the older rate for the month. If your child’s birthday falls on the 16th or after you will be charged the younger rate for the month.

Fees for 2021-22 academic year

Sibling rate is for older sibling at a discount of one scholarship rate except A rate which stays the same. No sibling discount for Kindergarten or Summer Program. A $20/month fee will be applied to monthly invoices for each child in diapers. For example, if you have two children in diapers you will be charged $40/month ($20 per child in diapers). This fee covers all diapers and wipes needed for the child during the time the child is in care at the center.

Tuition Fees
Tuition fee scale
July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022
"A" Scholarship Rate (restricted) "B"
Scholarship Rate (restricted)
Scholarship Rate (unlimited)
Scholarship Rate (unlimited)
"E" Scholarship Rate
Annual Household Income <$30,000 $30,001-$70,000 $70,001-$110,000 $110,001-$160,000 >$160,000
Infant/Toddler (6weeks to 3 years) $953/month $1,089/month $1,241/month $1,524/month $1,812/month
Preschool (3 years to school-age $756/month $852/month $960/month $1,058/month $1,154/month
Part-time Wrap-around (unsubsidized care) for Full-time Pre-K Counts (Sept-May) $379/month $428/month
Kindergarten and Summer Program
Kindergarten(Bennett Center Only) $1,027
Summer Program(Bennett Center Only) $866
  • A $20/month fee for diaper and wipe service will be charged to all families for each child in diapers
  • A $75 fee is due at the time of enrollment.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack provided.
  • The redetermination of a family's income, for the sliding fee scale will be necessary each year, and/or if a family's income changes.

Children's Programs Sibling Discount Policy*

The fee for the oldest sibling enrolled will be reduced one full rate (e.g. "D" to "C").

No sibling discount available for "A" rate, Kindergarten or Summer Programs.

Late Payment Charge

Payment is due in full by the 5th of the month of service. A $25 late fee will be attached to any payments not recorded at the Office of the Bursar by the 15th of each month. This late fee will appear on the next month’s bill.

Late Pick-up Charge

A late fee of $10 for each 15 minutes late or any part thereof will be added to your monthly bill for any pick-ups after closing time. Consistent lateness may result in termination of care.

Enrolling or Dis-enrolling

If your child enrolls or departs at mid-month, bills are calculated on a per day basis.

Items Included in the Monthly Fee

The Children’s Programs do not charge for meals, formula, most field trips, and special visitors to the program, toothpaste, toothbrushes and other program specific items.

Vacation and Sick Days

The Children’s Programs do not offer vacation or sick leave for children.

Movement Between Centers

Moving from Hort Woods CCC to BFC in order to move into the kindergarten program is not considered switching and parents in this situation are given in-house priority.

When a switch does occur, the following applies:

  • The requirement for 30 day notice is waived.
  • A copy of the file is made for parent/guardian to take to the new center with the original remaining at the old center.
  • A new developmental history is done as part of intake into the new program.
  • A Children’s Programs Staff Assistant is notified of the change in billing for tracking purposes.
  • No enrollment fee.

Transfers between programs are allowed only on the 1st and 15th of the month.

Leave of Absence

A minimum six (6) month leave of absence from the center will be allowed with an approved half-year or full-year academic sabbatical from Penn State (verification required) or a serious family situation that would cause an extended period away from the center. The center will hold your family’s space in the center at the sibling priority status on the Waiting List. You are required to provide the center with at least 30 days’ notice when requesting the leave of absence.

If you wish to withdraw from the center for any period of time less than six (6) months, there are two options available:

  1. To ensure that you will have a space at the center upon your child’s return, you would be required to continue to pay the tuition rate established for your child/family.
  2. Should you decide not to hold your space by paying the required tuition as detailed in #1 above, your contract with the center will be considered terminated. If you choose to terminate your child's care and would like to have your child remain on our waiting list, your child's "date of application" will change to the date of termination. The center(s) make(s) no guarantee that a space will be available if you terminate your contract.

Withdrawal from the Programs

A written notice from the parent/guardian and addressed to the Director of the program involved (Hort Woods CCC or Bennett Family Center) is required four weeks prior to withdrawal. Withdrawal forms are available in the program offices. If notice is not given, final bills will include an additional four week period charge following the final day of attendance.

Termination of a Child/Family

The Children’s Programs aim to help children grow and thrive in a safe and stimulating setting that is respectful of them, their parents and guardians and our staff. We also comply with all relevant laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act. We make every effort to work with families to address concerns that arise which may compromise our ability to successfully reach these goals. In the rare event that attempts to work with families to resolve concerns and issues fail, we reserve the right to terminate care. We will give a minimum of two weeks’ notice of termination, unless the safety and welfare of parents, children, staff and/or the integrity and professional standing of the center is in immediate jeopardy.

Reasons for Termination

Termination of a family’s contract with the Office of Human Resources Children’s Programs may result from, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Nonpayment of fees. Parents will receive a late-payment notification letter from the program Director if invoices have not been paid by the fifteenth day of the month of service. Parents will be notified that care will be terminated two weeks after the notification if the fee has not been paid in full or other arrangements made.
  • Failure to comply with state licensing regulations as stated in Pennsylvania Code Title 55. Public Welfare, Chapter 3270. Child Day Care Centers. Noncompliance includes, but is not limited to providing required paperwork for file (e.g., current health appraisals and updated emergency contact information).
  • Failure to comply with program policies of the Office of Human Resources Children’s Programs as stated in the Policy Manual and the Parent Handbook for the child’s program which are provided to parents when they decide to enroll.
  • Refusal to follow up on a referral for professional services recommended by the program (e.g., recommendation for developmental and/or behavioral evaluation/consultation).
  • Inability of the programs to make reasonable accommodations for the care and education of a child.