Garden of Wonder

Welcome to The Garden of Wonder, where we look at all the children as the amazing individuals they are by taking their knowledge level and interests as a basis for the development of a fun and creative learning environment. Helping children to be curious and excited about learning is a primary aspect of our curriculum. We believe in a strong school to family connection that fosters communication and participation.

The social emotional competency of young children: building peer relationships, problem solving, understanding emotions, and building self-esteem, for example, is also an important focus area of development in our classroom. We believe in teaching the whole child. The Garden of Wonder Classroom is a balance of structured cognitive development and exploratory play where the love and wonder of nature and outdoor play is highlighted.

Hannah Watkins

Hannah had the opportunity to attend Lock Haven University to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. For the past few years she has worked… Read Full Bio

Erin LaMotta
Supervising Teacher

Erin has a B.S. and M. Ed. from Penn State and is certified as a teacher in Elementary Education and Reading Specialist. She has many years of… Read Full Bio