Garden of Wonder

Welcome to The Garden of Wonder, where we look at all the children as the amazing individuals they are by taking their knowledge level and interests as a basis for the development of a fun and creative learning environment. Helping children to be curious and excited about learning is a primary aspect of our curriculum. We believe in a strong school to family connection that fosters communication and participation.

The social emotional competency of young children: building peer relationships, problem solving, understanding emotions, and building self-esteem, for example, is also an important focus area of development in our classroom. We believe in teaching the whole child. The Garden of Wonder Classroom is a balance of structured cognitive development and exploratory play where the love and wonder of nature and outdoor play is highlighted.

Staff Listing

Edie Hillard
Supervising Lead Teacher
Edie is a veteran teacher with fifteen plus years of experience in Early Childhood Education. She received her B.S. in Human Development and Family... Read Full Bio
Traces Ake
Pre-K Teacher
Traces Ake, has been a teacher for 15 years in Early Childhood Education. She graduated in May 2000 with a B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education... Read Full Bio
Lauren Valesey
Lauren started working at the Bennett Center August 2015 as a wage employee and has since joined Garden of Wonder classroom as a full time teacher.... Read Full Bio