Bright Beginnings

We are Team Bright Beginnings. Our teaching team has three wonderful teachers: Benedicta, Alison and Carly. We love being with infants and toddlers and rely on an inclusive curriculum that is based on the interests of the children. The early years are an exciting time for young children’s growth. In our classroom we provide a nurturing and caring environment for exploring and learning that promotes healthy brain development. We enjoy making new discoveries with children, and support them in reaching milestones, such as, recognizing themselves in the mirror for first time or using the potty.

We are passionate about encouraging them in the areas of social and emotional development, communication and language, cognitive and physical development. We also have great connections with the families in our classroom. This is the result of the open door policy that exists between the families and teachers. Families are free to drop in at any time, and they are encouraged to share their culture and traditions with the classroom. We are invested in this profession, and pride ourselves in the work that we do with these children on a daily basis

Staff Listing

Benedicta Ityokumbul
Supervising Lead Teacher
Benedicta has a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from Penn State University and began working at Bennett in March of 2001. As a mother of... Read Full Bio
Allison Baney
Allison Baney
Allison began working with us in October 2013 and obtained a B.S. in Elementary Education from Bloomsburg University. She loves reading lots of... Read Full Bio
Diana Rebarchak
Diana is a graduate of Penn State where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Kindergarten Education with certifications in Early... Read Full Bio