Room to Grow

In Room to Grow we place a high value on learning from each other and developing problem-solving skills. Our primary focus is on social emotional learning. We strive to maintain an inclusive play-based learning environment that supports children as they learn to recognize and understand their emotions, develop self-regulation skills, and learn to navigate friendships and the social challenges that sometimes arise. We see this skill building as important work, as it is the foundation for all other learning. It is our hope that through the experiences children have in Room to Grow they become confident and enthusiastic learners that are inspired to see the acquisition of knowledge as life-long journey.

Staff Listing

Laurie Strouse
Supervising Lead Teacher
Laurie is a 2004 graduate of Rowan University with a background in Elementary Education and Psychology. She has been teaching in early childhood... Read Full Bio
Erin Gaines
Erin is originally from State College, Pennsylvania, currently living in Bellefonte with her husband, Chance, and cat, Teagan. She graduated in 2013... Read Full Bio
Madeline Foster
Erin is a 2011 graduate of Muskingum University in eastern Ohio with a background in Early Childhood Education. She currently lives in Bellefonte and... Read Full Bio