Place to Grow

Children will grow taller and stronger in just about any environment, but there are so many other aspects to their growth as they find their place in their families, in their communities, and in the world. The teaching team in a Place to Grow creates an atmosphere that nurtures each child's growth: physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively.

Joy is a key component of brain development and growth, so every day we intertwine smiles and laughter into our activities. We create daily routines that give the children responsibility and teach them fine motor skills, as well as care for themselves and their environment. Our topics of exploration and our learning centers are based on children's interests and activities, and are geared to challenge the child at whatever level he or she is at. Recently we have done projects on bones, light, and water, just to name a few.

Staff Listing

Carly Barner
Carly Barner has been with the Bennett Family Center since November 2013. She holds a B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Nazareth... Read Full Bio
Jenny Lucas
Supervising Teacher
Jenny has been at the Bennett Family Center since 2007. She has experience teaching Kindergarten, Third Grade, Toddlers, and Three Year Olds. She has... Read Full Bio
Jeremy Hayes
Pre-K Counts Teacher
Jeremy is joining the Bennett Family Center with 8 years of teaching experience in blended Pre-K Counts and Head Start classrooms. He holds a BA in... Read Full Bio