Becky Fischer

Becky Fischer is a full time teacher who works in all of the classrooms, depending on the need. If a teacher is ill or on vacation, has an appointment during the day, or just needs a helping hand, Becky is there to provide that. The children know her well so taking the place of a classroom teacher is not difficult for the children and parents.

Becky has an A.A. from The College of Health and Human Development at Penn State. Becky has dedicated her Child Care career at the Bennett Family Center since its opening. Becky takes pride in developing meaningful relationships with all the children in the center as works alongside teachers in all the classrooms. Her passion for nurturing children also spills into her commitment to making a difference for the special needs population. In her spare time, Becky is a coach, mentor, and advocate for Special Olympics and has traveled extensively nationally and internationally with this organization.