Penn State to assume management of the Child Care Center at Hort Woods next year

Acting on the recommendation of the Child Care Advisory Committee, University officials have elected to manage the two child care centers on the University Park campus in-house, bringing 47-staff positions at the Child Care Center at Hort Woods under the direction of Penn State when the center’s current management contract expires in June 2016. Read more...

President responds to child care recommendations from task force

Erickson agrees with many findings, approves some immediate changes

Following careful review with University leaders, Penn State President Rodney Erickson has agreed with a number of changes to child care on campus, including placing oversight of operations with the Office of Human Resources and providing additional funds for researchers, benchmarking and lower-income family support. In addition, the president also decided that the child care centers at University Park — the Bennett Family Center and the Child Care Center at Hort Woods — would continue their operations for a set period of time with the current providers and staffing in place. Erickson is responding to a series of five findings spelled out in a 93-page January report, created by a Presidential Task Force on Child Care at Penn State that he commissioned in October 2013.

Read more about the president's response to child care recommendations from task force.

Child Care Task Force report cover.jpg

Child care task force makes recommendations and outlines needs

A new report on the state and well-being of the University's child care services includes five major findings and numerous recommendations, including the need for a director of child care to oversee programs across the University, and an exemption of Penn State child care centers from the University's AD-39, a policy that requires higher ratios of adults to children than what is required by existing child care regulations. The 93-page report, created by a Presidential Task Force on Child Care at Penn State, can be found online.

Penn State President Rodney Erickson, who commissioned the 14-member task force in October 2013, said the report was "comprehensive, thoughtful and included considerable benchmarking of data with peer institutions. The report reflects the needs and perspectives of parents, employees, and child care researchers who are looking for the best care and education of our children."

Taskforce to study child care issues; temporary hold on Bennett Center changes

Penn State officials have moved back the prospective start date to April 1 for new management to take over one of its University Park child care centers and will create a task force to look at the broader range of child care issues across the University. Read more about the task force and temporary hold on BFC changes.